Vembu BDR Suite 5.5 Released!

Earlier this month, Vembu released version 5.5 of the BDR Suite. Below you can read about some of the new features!

  • Support for VMware vSphere v8.x
    • BDRSuite now supports Backup and Replication for virtual machines running on the latest version VMware vSphere v8.x.
  • Google Cloud as Backup Repository
    • Google Cloud Storage (Object Storage) is now supported in BDRSuite to store backup data, backup copy and offsite copy data. BDRSuite already supports other cloud storages such Amazon S3, Azure Blog, S3 Compatible storages such as Wasabi, MinIO, etc.
  • ConnectWise Integration
    • BDRSuite now supports ConnectWise Integration. This feature allows you to create service tickets automatically in ConnectWise Manage for BDRSuite activities. The tickets can be created for various tasks (Backup/Restore/Replication) and different task status (Success/Failed/Warning) on relevant service boards.
  • Backup and Recovery of VMware VM Templates
    • BDRSuite for VMware now supports backup for VMware VM Templates. Now, VM Templates will show up in the list of VMware ESXi/vCenter entities that can be selected for backup. You can configure backup for VM Templates and restore when required.
  • Backup and Recovery of Google Workspace Shared Drive
    • BDRSuite now supports backup and recovery of Shared Drives in Google Workspace Organization.
  • Backup and Recovery of Microsoft 365 Archive Mailbox
    • BDRSuite now supports backup and recovery of user mails in the Archive Mailbox (In-place Archive) of Microsoft 365.
  • De-duplication for Microsoft 365 User Mails
    • BDRSuite now reduces bandwidth and storage utilization by using the mail-level de-duplication feature at the source while backing up Microsoft 365 user mailboxes. With this, BDRSuite avoids transmitting duplicate email data and saves bandwidth and storage.


  • VMware Backup Performance increased by 2x
  • VMware CBT Reset
  • Parallel Disk Image Backup
  • Parallel Synthetic Full Backup
  • Auxiliary Applications for Microsoft 365 Backup
  • Restore to a mailbox in different Organization (Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace)
  • Restore the backed up user mails directly from Microsoft 365 console through BDRSuite Add-in for Outlook
  • Download Restore Logs for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Breadcrumbs view for OneDrive and Group OneDrive Restore
  • Enhanced progress window for Offsite Replication

Backup & Recovery

BDRSuite for VMware

Agent-less & application-aware backup solution that helps organizations effectively meet the backup demands of their VMware vSphere environment.

BDRSuite for Hyper-V

Robust and comprehensive data protection solution for the VMs running on Standalone, Cluster & SMB hosts of Microsoft Hyper-V.

BDRSuite for Windows

Enhance the data protection of your Windows Servers and Workstations by backing up the entire disk or individual volumes.

BDRSuite for Linux

Automatic & Interruption-free backup for your files & folders across Linux Servers with enterprise-level functionality.

BDRSuite for AWS

Simple, secure, and cloud-native backup solution for your AWS EC2 instances. You can recover your backup instance, volume, or even files at any time with near-zero RTO.

BDRSuite for Microsoft 365

Protect emails, contacts, calendars, SharePoint Online, Teams, and OneDrive for business by directly backing up to an on-premise data center.

BDRSuite for Google Workspace

Ensure protection of your emails, contacts, calendar, and google drives by directly backing up to your on-premise data center.

BDRSuite for Endpoints

An effective backup solution that ensures the protection of critical data across your Windows, and Mac platforms at a granular level.

BDRSuite for Applications

Protect your application & application data such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook & MySQL.

I’m excited to upgrade and try out the VM template backup/restore! And now I need to upgrade my lab environment to vSphere 8!

You can find the RELEASE NOTES here.
You can find the UPDATE GUIDE here.
You can download VEMBU here!

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Ben Liebowitz, VCP, vExpert
NJ VMUG Leader

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