New Vembu BDR Suite Release (version 5.2.0)

Earlier this month, April 2022, Vembu released version 5.2.0. This version has some great new features I thought I’d feature here.

  • Restore to Microsoft Azure
    • BDRSuite now allows restoring the VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, Windows Server & Workstation backups to Microsoft Azure. You can initiate the restore directly from your BDRSuite Backup server or Offsite DR Server.
  • BDRSuite 360 Server
    • The BDRSuite 360 Server enables customers and service providers to monitor the backup activity of the BDRSuite Backup Servers deployed on their customer locations across multiple sites from a centralized web-based console
  • Multitenancy
    • The multi-tenancy architecture of BDRSuite is redesigned to support advanced use cases of MSPs. You can now create multiple tenants and allocate one or more entities to each tenant. Every Tenant will get multiple user roles to monitor and manage all the entities added under them.
  • Enhancements
    • Improved application creation steps to add Microsoft 365 accounts to BDRSuite
    • On-demand backup scheduling for Microsoft 365 backups
    • Enhanced backup progress window for Microsoft 365 backups
    • Enhanced backup report for Microsoft 365 Backups
    • Subfolder tree view for Microsoft 365 Mailbox
    • Subfolder tree view for OneDrive
    • Subfolder tree view for Group OneDrive
    • User-Level Backup Report for Microsoft 365
    • PST Download of Microsoft 365 now supports all Microsoft Outlook Versions
    • On-Demand backup scheduling for Google Workspace backups

These new features are great and move Vembu into a class to compete with some of the other big backup tools on the market today.

Being able to restore your on-premises infrastructure to Azure is a great feature to have in a backup product! This helps provide fault tolerance for your infrastructure without having the cost to duplicate your hardware in another datacenter/location.

I really like the idea of the BDRSuite 360 Server. This gives you a top-down, single place to monitor your backups to make sure they’re running properly and the status of any of the jobs. This is super handy for large environments. An Operations team can access the 360 server to check the status of all backup jobs and, if there’s a problem, attempt to restart or troubleshoot the issues to ensure backups aren’t missed.

As someone who works for an MSP, I really like the idea of the Multi-tenancy features here. Being able to setup and manage each tenant in one backup product and allocate resources (repositories, etc) is great!

Look for an upcoming post on upgrading my lab environment to Vembu 5.2.0!

If you want more info, the release notes can be found here:

Ben Liebowitz, VCP, vExpert
NJ VMUG Leader

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