Vembu BDR Suite 5.3 – Microsoft 365 Backup

In my post on August 2nd, 2022, I mentioned the new features in Vembu version 5.3. In this post, I’d like to go more in-depth on the Vembu Backup for Microsoft 365 Backup feature that was added in v5.3.

In many organizations, Microsoft 365 replaced local exchange servers in their environments due to it’s advancements. Though Microsoft 365 is hosted in a well secured cloud, you may still have the risk of losing your data when malware attacks, human errors, etc. are considered. Vembu offers backup and recovery solutions for your Microsoft 365 environment which enables you to backup Exchange Online emails, contacts, OneDrive for Business, etc., to the Vembu Cloud or to your own data center.

Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Vembu provides secure backup & recovery of Microsoft Office 365 including OneDrive for Businesses, Email, Calendar & Contacts, Sharepoint Online Sites, Teams, Group/Shared Mailboxes of your Office 365 user accounts.

Exchange Online Backup – Backup the entire exchange online domain including all users’ email accounts or individual user’s email account to your on-premises or Vembu Cloud. It backs up inbox, sent items and other custom labels of exchange online email

Contacts and Calendar Backup – Backup the contacts and calendar of exchange online user account to your On-Premise or Vembu Cloud.

Mail Level Restore – Users can do Microsoft 365 mail level restore to the same or different user account

Anywhere Anytime Access – Backed up Office 365 data is stored in Vembu cloud hosted in Amazon Web Services and can be restored anywhere anytime.

OneDrive for Business Backup – Backup all documents from OneDrive to Vembu Cloud. It backs up text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, pdfs, etc., from Office 365

SharePoint Online Sites Backup – Backup your SharePoint Online data including Sites, Libraries and Folder/Items, etc., and store them in your On-premise storage mediums or Vembu Cloud.

Group/Shared Mailboxes – Backup your Microsoft 365 Shared/Group Mailboxes including Group Conversations, Group OneDrive & Calendar and store them in your On-premise or Vembu Cloud.

Secure Data Transfer – The AES 256 bit encryption algorithm will secure your Microsoft 365 data from unauthorized access while transferring the data over internet and at-rest

View Emails – Users can view the individual backed up emails and export them in different formats like .eml, .pst flies

I would love to test this in my lab, however I do not have an Office 365 infrastructure to backup. Anyone want to give me access to theirs? 🙂

For more information on how Vembu handles M365 backups, visit the product page here:


You can find the RELEASE NOTES here.
You can find the UPDATE GUIDE here.
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