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Display list of Multiple vCenter Servers to connect to in your PowerCLI Scripts

If you’re company anything like mine, you probably have multiple vCenter servers in your environment.  They may be linked, they may not.  In my environment, we have 4 vCenter servers we consider Production, even though one is for QA, and we have a lab environment. Normally, I just connect to vCenter manually in PowerCLI before […]

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Deploying a VM with PowerCLI in a Semi-Complex Environment

The following is a guest blog post by my brother Ben Liebowitz.  I guess virtualization runs in the family!  Follow him on Twitter at @ben_liebowitz. ———————————————————————— Last year, while working at a previous employer, I wanted to make it easier for less-experienced team members to deploy VMs, while making sure little to no mistakes are […]

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