VMware VM Replication using BDRSuite – Overview

Ensuring the availability and continuity of vital virtual machines (VMs) is crucial in the fast-paced commercial world of today. VMware virtual machine replication with BDRSuite provides an affordable and dependable way to protect your important virtual machines. This comprehensive guide will take you through the main advantages, features, and best practices for using BDRSuite to create virtual machine replication.

Key Benefits & Features

  1. Agentless & Application-aware Replication
    • Application-aware processing is supported by BDRSuite’s agentless virtual machine replication, which guarantees smooth virtual machine replication. This ensures that the programs operating within the virtual machines will always be consistent.
  2. Replication Frequency
    • You can select the replication frequency using BDRSuite; options include weekly, daily, hourly, down to every 15 minutes. Because of its adaptability, replication can be customized to meet your unique requirements.
  3. Increased Availability
    • Virtual machine (VM) replication to a backup location reduces downtime and guarantees that vital programs and data are always available, even in the case of an emergency.
  4. Failover/Failback
    • The Failover feature enables an instantaneous switch to the replica virtual machine in the case of a disaster. Whether to the same or a different host, failback solutions offer a smooth return to the primary environment.
  5. File Level Recovery
    • Compared to recovering complete virtual machines, BDRSuite enables the granular recovery of specific files and folders from duplicated virtual machines, saving time and disk space.

Application-aware VM Replication

In data-rich systems, application-aware backups, replication, and restoration are essential to guaranteeing transactional consistency. Application-aware processing for SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and other platforms is supported by BDRSuite. Maintaining application integrity depends on this functionality, which makes sure that data in memory and pending I/O activities are correctly backed up.

Application-Aware Processing

It is necessary to activate application-aware processing in the task settings in order to provide transactionally consistent backups or replication. In order to make sure that no incomplete application files or database transactions are left behind, this starts VM snapshots and data copying.

Guest Operating System Support

For Windows virtual machines running Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, and Oracle, application-aware processing is available. Critical transactional data integrity is ensured by this functionality.

VM Replication with Flexible Scheduling

With near-continuous data replication offered by BDRSuite’s virtual machine replication capability, source and target ESXi hosts can provide high availability. Increased control over replication processes is possible with flexible scheduling choices.

Benefits of Flexible Scheduling Options

  1. Time-based Replication
    • Replication processes can be scheduled to run at particular times, giving you the most possible control over when they run.
  2. Customizable Frequency
    • To balance real-time data replication with important jobs or maintenance windows, select replication intervals ranging from every 15 minutes to daily or weekly.

Network Mapping

Effective and secure communication between source and target virtual networks is guaranteed by network mapping in VMware Replication. This reduces the possibility of data corruption and makes closer observation and troubleshooting possible.

Re-IP Mapping

Re-IP Mapping in VM replication gives replicated virtual machines (VMs) distinct IP addresses for disaster recovery scenarios. This guarantees the IP addresses of replicated virtual machines remain recognizable even after failover.

VM Failover

When a VM crashes or a disaster strikes, BDRSuite’s VM Failover feature enables the quick activation of replicated VMs. This maintains business continuity by momentarily shifting workload to the replica virtual machine.

VM Failback

After a failover, virtual machines (VMs) can seamlessly return to the primary production environment thanks to VM Failback. By minimizing downtime, this procedure assures business continuity.

File Level Recovery

Individual files or folders can be quickly and effectively restored from replicated virtual machines (VMs) using BDRSuite’s file level recovery capability. In comparison to alternative recovery techniques, this saves time and disk space.


For the protection of important virtual machines, VMware VM Replication with BDRSuite provides a reliable option. Organizations may guarantee high availability and data integrity by utilizing capabilities such as application-aware processing, flexible scheduling, and agentless replication. Furthermore, features for file level recovery, failback, and virtual machine failover offer crucial resources for business continuity and catastrophe recovery. By putting these procedures into place, you may rest easy knowing that your vital virtual machines are safe and always available.

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