Top 3 Virtualization Backup Products

Over the years, I’ve worked with a few different backup products for my VMware Environments. Each one has it’s plusses and minuses. This post is only about the backup products that I have experience using. This isn’t top 3 across the entire industry.

3. DellEMC’s Networker

  • While this product got the job done, it was slow both for backups as well as restores. Backup jobs that were supposed to run only overnight often ran into the work day.
  • This product was obviously designed to work with physical servers and the ability to backup a virtualization environment was added later.

2. Veeam Backup and Replication

  • Veeam is one of the top backup products in the industry. I’ve used it multiple times, including not only to backup but to migrate VMs between sites, etc.
  • My current company still uses Veeam Backup & Replication to replicate our production VMs to our DR site.
  • The downside I found was that it often left snapshots stale in the environment, which I needed to constantly police and cleanup.

1. Vembu BDRSuite

  • Backups with BDRSuite are fast and reliable.
  • Backup/replication jobs are easy to configure and offer multiple options.
  • Backup Copy Jobs are easy to configure to off-site location.
  • Data is easily restored either at a granular level or entire machine.
  • Using the Vembu Portal for license management is very handy.
  • You can go from installation to backing up your environment in minutes!

Overall, I’d have to say that Vembu BDRSuite stands out to me as the easiest to use and a backup product that I’ve had the least problems with. It just works. I’d recommend BDRSuite to anyone looking to switch backup platforms!

You can download BDRSuite here!
You can find the UPDATE GUIDE here.
Visit to get started with Cloud Backups with Vembu!
Want to get more information on BDRSuite & VMware? Check out the product page here!
BDRSuite VMware Product Page

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Ben Liebowitz, VCP, vExpert
NJ VMUG Leader

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