BDRSuite v5.6.0 Update 1 is Generally Available!

On May 12th, Vembu released BDRSuite 5.6.0 Update 1 to be Generally Available. With this release, they have focused on improving the performance and user experience with several enhancements and bug fixes.

What’s new in BDRSuite 5.6.0 U1

  • Backup Proxy for VMware in Linux BDRSuite Backup Server
    • With this release, we have introduced support for backup proxy for VMware in Linux BDRSuite backup server. This will allow you to perform fast and efficient backups of your VMware virtual machines using BDRSuite.
  • Perform Bare Metal Recovery directly using VHD in BDRSuite Virtual Drive
    • We have simplified the Bare-Metal Recovery (BMR) process. Now you can use the VHD mounted in the BDRSuite Virtual Drive as a backup data source. Previously, VHD had to be downloaded and used to perform BMR.
  • Detailed Report for Files/Folders Skipped from Backup
    • BDRSuite now provides detailed information on files/folders that were skipped during the backup process. This report will help you identify files/folders that were not backed up and taking appropriate action to ensure that critical data is not lost.
  • Add Servers & Endpoints as Data Sources without credentials
    • BDRSuite now allows you to add servers and endpoints as data sources without their credentials. This feature eliminates the need for storing sensitive information, simplifying the data source setup process.


  • Users can now schedule an on-demand incremental backup for a specific host(s)/VM(s) and failed host(s)/VM(s) in a backup job
  • List of all Protected Host(s)/VMs in the BDRSuite Backup Server for Host/VM level backup and direct restore
  • Microsoft 365 backup support for permanently deleted mails and litigation hold items
  • Users can now choose the Azure Environment (Azure Default Cloud, Azure US Government clouds, Azure China) while adding Microsoft 365 Organization
  • Users can now add Microsoft 365 Organization with Certificate Based MS Graph API authorization instead of Application secret Key
  • End-user self recovery via BDRSuite’s MS Outlook add-on and end-user login for SaaS application backup
  • Deleted items retention handling for OneDrive, Group OneDrive and Sharepoint Sites
  • Backup speed optimization for OneDrive, Group OneDrive and Sharepoint Sites
  • Where-it-left-off feature support for Microsoft 365 user mailbox
  • Backup parallel limit & queue/retry mechanism for endpoints
  • Users can now search for specific Backup/ VMs from the reports page (Recent Job Schedule, Recent Host/VM Schedule reports, etc…)
  • Enhanced filter option in List Jobs / Recovery pages to search in name of backups, and filter by the status of backup (active, idle, etc…)
  • End-user restore based on Online Authorization for SaaS applications
  • Add Servers & Endpoints as Data Sources without credentials
  • Detailed Report for Files/Folders Skipped from Backup

Update your BDRSuite Implementation to version 5.6.0 Update 1 today!

You can check out the release notes for version 5.6.0 Update 1 HERE.

You can download BDRSuite here!
You can find the UPDATE GUIDE here.
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Want to get more information on BDRSuite & VMware? Check out the product page here!
BDRSuite VMware Product Page

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