Presenting BDRSuite 7.0: An All-Inclusive Backup & Recovery Solution

It is critical to have a dependable backup and recovery solution in the fast-paced field of data management. I am happy to present BDRSuite 7.0.0, the highly anticipated release! With a plethora of potent features and improvements, this updated version is an even more essential tool for protecting your vital data in a variety of settings.

Seamless Integration with KVM Hypervisor

The smooth integration of BDRSuite 7.0.0 with the KVM Hypervisor is one of its best features added to this release. This means that agentless backup for KVM virtual machines is now available to you. You have total control over recovering your important virtual machines thanks to flexible recovery options, whether you want to restore the full machine, just certain files, or more.

Unmatched Azure Support

Using Azure Native APIs, BDRSuite 7.0.0 provides extensive agentless backup functionality for Azure virtual machines to users within the Azure ecosystem. This enables you to store your backups locally or on flexible cloud storage platforms like Azure Blob, AWS S3, Google Cloud, and S3 Compatible storages, and to take advantage of incremental backups.

Empowering AWS Backup Strategies

Users of Amazon Web Services (AWS) will value the new features in BDRSuite 7.0.0. For your AWS infrastructure, take advantage of agentless backups, incremental backups, and customizable backup policies. You can now choose where to store your backup data for Amazon EC2 instances in addition to being able to create snapshots.

Fortified PostgreSQL Support

With BDRSuite 7.0.0, users who depend on PostgreSQL databases have access to an enhanced degree of data security. PostgreSQL databases are now secure because of application-level backups, adaptable backup policies, incremental backups, and effective data protection.

Covering All the Bases: File Share Backup and Recovery

File shares hosted on Linux, Windows, and NAS devices are now supported by BDRSuite. Retain backup data, schedule backups with flexibility, and restore files and folders as needed.

Elevating Security with Two-Factor Authentication

In today’s world, security is crucial. With BDRSuite 7.0.0, you can now use Two-Factor Authentication to further fortify it. This guarantees that the important backup jobs on your BDRSuite Backup Server web-console are only accessible to those who are authorized.

Effortless Backup Data Import

BDRSuite 7.0.0 facilitates the process of importing backups to a new backup server from the backup repository, even in difficult situations such as server failures or the need to import backups from another server.

Streamlined Automation with Pre/Post Backup Scripts

With pre and post backup scripts for VM, disk image, and file-level backups, BDRSuite now enables users to automate tasks prior to and following the backup operation.

Enhanced File Level Recovery

With the option to restore files and folders directly to the source machine, data recovery is now even simpler to complete.

Additional Enhancements

Moreover, BDRSuite 7.0.0 offers numerous other improvements, such as:

  • Centralized Backup for Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL Database
  • Flexible Addition of Folder Paths as Backup Repositories
  • Automatic Backup Agent Installation from BDRSuite Backup Server
  • Offsite Copy Support for Backup Jobs stored in object storage repositories
  • Standalone Tape Library Support
  • Email Notifications to End Users’ Mail IDs associated with their Endpoints
  • Missed Backup Schedule Report

Getting Started with BDRSuite 7.0.0

Are you ready to advance your approach to data protection? Get BDRSuite v7.0.0 now to protect your IT infrastructure from disasters and data loss!

Download BDRSuite v7.0.0

System Requirements for BDRSuite 7.0.0

For detailed system requirements and technical support, refer to the following links:


Vembu has once again shown that it is committed to offering state-of-the-art backup and recovery solutions with the release of BDRSuite 7.0.0. With its ability to protect data in virtual, server, cloud, and application environments, BDRSuite 7.0.0 is set to become your go-to tool. Get it now to experience backup and recovery in the future. Don’t hesitate. Your data is worthy of it!

For more information on BDRSuite 7.0.0, check out the resources below.
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