Introducing BDRSuite 7.0.0 Release Candidate: A Leap Forward in Data Protection

I’m excited to introduce BDRSuite 7.0.0 Release Candidate, the most recent development in data protection technology. This edition establishes a new benchmark for backup and recovery solutions since it is jam-packed with strong features and seamless integrations.

A Quick Look at What’s Coming

KVM Backup and Recovery

The seamless integration with the KVM Hypervisor, which provides agentless backup for KVM virtual machines, is one of the most notable enhancements to BDRSuite. As a result, you no longer require extra agents to secure your virtualized environments. Additionally, the addition of modified block monitoring guarantees effective backups, easing the load on your resources. With the automatic scheduling function, you can rest easy knowing that your data is always safe. You have complete control over the fate of your data thanks to customizable recovery options and broad interoperability with different backup storage sources.

AWS Backup and Recovery

EC2 instance automatic snapshot configuration and scheduling were supported by BDRSuite in an earlier version. We go one step farther with this release. You may now decide whether to keep your backups locally or on the cloud. Your AWS-based assets will be protected in accordance with your unique requirements thanks to this additional flexibility, which complements the support for various recovery solutions already available.

Azure Backup and Recovery

Agentless backup for Azure virtual machines is now available thanks to BDRSuite, which makes use of Azure Native APIs. By streamlining the backup procedure, this connection makes sure that your Azure-based assets are easily safeguarded. Automated scheduling simplifies data protection while incremental backups improve storage use even further. Like with KVM, you have the choice to pick what works best for your company thanks to various recovery options and compatibility with a variety of backup storage targets.

Important Note: A Fresh Start for a Bright Future

It’s important to remember that this BDRSuite v7.0.0 release candidate is only intended for brand-new installations. It should not be installed/upgraded over already-existing installations since it is incompatible with them. This guarantees a smooth transition for all users to this cutting-edge version.

Additional Details: Your Guide to Success

For step-by-step installation instructions and comprehensive information on how to leverage these new features, please refer to the official user documentation. It’s your roadmap to unlocking the full potential of BDRSuite 7.0.0.

Personal Experience

I’ve been using BDRSuite 7.0 RC for a couple of weeks now. The interface seems much quicker and the application more stable. I’ve had issues with the application crashing and the service stopping on BDRSuite 5.x, but I haven’t experienced that with this version.

Want to try BDRSuite 7.0 RC for yourself? You can Download it here:

You can download BDRSuite 5.6 here!
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