Vote for top virtualization blogs–keep it lowercase!

It’s that time of year again – Eric Siebert has kicked off voting for his annual list of the top virtualization blogs.  I’m amazed that this year there are over 180 blogs in the list and more from people who didn’t get their blog submitted in time.  It shows how much virtualization continues to grow and how great our VMware community is.

Last year I let the voting pass without saying a word since the The Lowercase w was new and I didn’t feel like the content was worthy of promoting just yet.  Though I still don’t feel like I belong even in the top 5, I figured I’d highlight some of my more popular posts over the last year to see if I can earn a few votes.

New SQL 2012 Licensing and its Impact On Virtualization

Fix Partition Alignment with VMware Converter 5.0 (Beta)

vSphere and Exchange admins can live in harmony – Microsoft finally supports HA and vMotion

Clearing up confusion regarding HA/vMotion support for Exchange 2010

Reclaiming disk space with Storage vMotion and Thin Provisioning

And remember to keep the voting fair and honest.  Heck, I didn’t even vote for myself as #1!  You can vote for your favorite blogs by going here:

If any of my posts have helped with your VMware environment or you found them useful, consider voting for The Lowercase w.  Heck, if you just want to vote for someone who won’t stand idly by while the very company we support is humiliated time and time again by folks who can’t be bothered to spell the company name correctly then The Lowercase w will gladly take your vote!

Thanks to all the readers of TLw!

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