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Do you have an environment where you have standalone Windows Servers that aren’t virtualized? Or, do you have Windows File Server Clusters in your virtual environment with RDM disks (Raw Disk Mapped)? Then BDRSuite Windows Server might be the solution for you!

As with The free VMware Backup solution, BDRSuite for Microsoft Windows also has a FREE edition! See the differences between the two below:

Vembu Backup for Microsoft Windows – Free vs Standard Edition

Free EditionStandard Edition
Backup your Windows machines at zero cost:Full functionality edition for Microsoft Windows:
Backup 10 Windows Workstations with no feature restrictionsBackup your Windows Server at $6 per server/month
Backup entire disk or selected volumes of your critical workloadsBackup your Windows Workstation at $1.5 per workstation/month

Here are some of the features of the BDRSuite for Microsoft Windows…

Microsoft Windows Backup – Feature Highlights


Image-based backup of Windows Servers/Workstations running on physical and virtual platformsApplication-aware backup along with automatic Log Truncation for MS Exchange, SQL, AD and Sharepoint servers
Backup the entire Windows Servers and Workstations or only selected disks/volumes of Windows machinesVembu uses its proprietary Changed Block Tracking driver to take incremental backup after the initial full backup
Supports backup of MBR and GPT partitioned disks and the disks of size more than 2 TB of data in a Windows machineFlexibly scale your backup repositories as and when required through Scale-out repository feature of Vembu
Vembu backup for Microsoft Windows supports the backup of both Basic and Dynamic disks in a Windows machineAutomated Backup Verification to verify the data recoverability of the backed up Windows Servers and End-points
Deploy and manage Vembu Backup agents directly from the BDR backup server user interfaceConfigure, restore and monitor the backup of Windows machines from a centralized web-based User Interface


With Bare-Metal Recovery (BMR) restore the entire machine including its operating systems, applications, and data to the same or new hardwareApplication item level recovery for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Active Directory
Using Instant Boot VM (P2V) option restore the entire physical Windows machine as a VM on VMware/Hyper-V/KVM hypervisorsFlexibility to migrate Windows machines from a physical to a virtual platform to achieve cross-platform migration by downloading the data in VHD,VMDK, RAW formats
Restore the corrupted volumes or disks of Windows Machines through the Disk/ partition level recovery option of VembuInstant Boot Live Migration is a permanent migration process where the Windows backup that is instantly booted as VM can be migrated as an independent VM to a targeted VMware Host
Instantly restore files/folders from Windows Server backup without restoring the entire image of the Windows machine


Built-in AES 256-bit industry grade Encryption Algorithm that encrypts the backup data in flight and at rest to ensure data securityStore a secondary copy of the backup data in an offsite location- Remote/Branch office, Cloud and also archive it for years using Native Tape drives
Control the size of backup data with in-built compression that could range from low to high without compromising on integrity of the dataSet up rotated drives as the primary backup repository by using multiple external hard drives and swap them on a regular basis
Inbuilt deduplication of redundant data to reduce the storage space with an ability to scale as and when required

Want a peak under the covers to see how it works? Here you go!

How does Vembu Backup for Microsoft Windows work?

Vembu uses Microsoft VSS technology to take a snap of the entire Windows machine or a selected disk/partition
The application-aware processing ensures a consistent database snapshot by quiescing the MS applications using Microsoft VSS APIs
The initial backup is the full backup and the rest are only the incrementals (changes)
The changes are captured at the block-level using the proprietary Changed Block Tracking (CBT) driver of Vembu to ensure faster backups at an RPO of 15 mins

Unique Backup features for Microsoft Windows

Disk Image Backup

Vembu offers Disk image based backup for physical Windows Servers and Endpoints with a flexibility to backup the entire Windows machine or a particular disk/volume.

Supports backup for both Basic and Dynamic disks
Also backups disks that are larger in size i.e. more than 2 TB in size
Exclude system files during backup – pagefil.sys & hiber.sys using the advanced filter option

Advanced Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

The flexible scheduling policies of Vembu to backup Windows Servers and Windows desktops/laptops at an RPO of every 15 minutes helps to achieve near continuous data protection.

Incremental Windows backup using proprietary Changed Block Tracking driver of Vembu to ensure faster backups and less data transfer
Run backups on Hourly/Daily/Weekly basis
Configure additional full backups on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis
Configure synthetic full backups on Weekly/Monthly basis

Application-Aware Backups

Businesses today run services and data on top of business-critical applications and the data protection solutions need to have the ability to interact with the application for consistent backups.

Leverages Microsoft VSS technology to create consistent application backups
Supported for Windows Servers running Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Active Directory
Automatic Transaction Log Truncation to save the storage space

Flexible Retention Policies

Retention allows organizations to have control over the number of recovery points that are to be retained for a certain period of time by purging older recovery points of a backup job.

The Basic and GFS Retention Policies of Vembu helps to retain multiple recovery points that span for days to years
Depending on business SLAs the retention policy can be varied by selecting the number of versions to be retained
Through GFS retention, retain Additional Full and Synthetic Full backups from days to years
Create restore points on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis

Automated Verification of Backups

Verifying backups is one of the most crucial steps as far as disaster recovery is concerned. Vembu BDR Suite provides an automated process for verifying backups in order to ensure data integrity.

3-tier of backup verification – Boot test, Mount test and Data Integrity test
Automatically boots and tests the integrity of backed up Windows Servers/Workstations
Screenshot of the booted machine is captured and sent to the admin via email

Multiple Recovery options for Windows Machine

Bare-Metal Recovery

The Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) feature of Vembu allows you to recover the complete physical Window Servers, Desktops and Laptops from the scratch. This Restoration process brings back the system to its previous state which was available before the occurrence of the disaster or system crash.

Perform free Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) using Vembu Recovery CD
Bare Metal Recovery also restores the supporting environment such as operating systems and applications in-order to rebuild the system

Instant Recovery

The Vembu backup for Windows Servers and Windows PCs allows you to instantly boot the entire physical machine as a virtual machine on a VMware/Hyper-V/KVM hypervisors.

Physical to Virtual platform migration – (P2V)
Meet RTO less than 15 minutes
Similarly mount the disks of the backed up Windows machine virtually on the local server in couple of second using Disk Management mount recovery option of Vembu

File-Level Recovery

The basic recovery operation is granular recovery of files/folders from an image based backup. Vembu ensures quick and easy recovery of files and folders directly from the backup data of physical Windows Servers/Workstations.

Restore files/folders to the same or different location
Restore the file/folders along with their file permissions

Recovery of Microsoft Applications

Recover individual application objects of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and AD from the backup data. Any restore point can be selected and individual items can be recovered within minutes.

Supported for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint and Active Directory
Mount the backup data, browse and restore the application items directly from the Windows disk image backup
Restore specific application items from the backup of Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Active Directory Server running on a physical or virtual Windows platform

Cross-Platform Migration

Migrate the backed up physical Windows Servers/Workstations to a virtual environment (P2V) by downloading the appropriate virtual disk format i.e. VMDK, Flat-VMDK, VHD, VHDX and RAW to launch as a VM.

Robust Data Security & Management options for Windows Backup

Higher Grade Backup Encryption

Vembu BDR Suite protects your backup data both in-flight and at-rest using industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption algorithms and also allows the user to add a second layer of authentication to protect the backup data with customized or system generated passwords.

Scale Out Backup Repository

Vembu BDR Suite supports different storage media such as Local drives, NAS (NFS and CIFS) and SAN (iSCSI and FC) as backup targets. Flexibility to scale the storage repositories as per the storage needs without constraints.

Software Defined Backup Storage

With Vembu you can create a software-defined logical storage pool by grouping one or more storage volumes that makes efficient use of all available storage provisioned for backup purposes with built in compression and deduplication.

Optimized Backup with Where-it-left-off

Image-based backups run more efficiently even if there is network failure or other interruptions during backup. Whenever a backup restarts from an interruption, the backup will automatically start from where it left off during the previous schedule. This feature can greatly improve backup performance even when there are frequent network failures especially in WANs

Multi-host Backup Support

Configure backups for multiple-hosts in a single job and you can always configure running backup for different hosts inside a job to run in parallel thus improving backup performance.

Parallel Disk Processing

Parallel backups of multiple disks in a single host during the backup schedule. You can customize the number of backup jobs and the number of VMs/disks in a single backup job that can run in parallel from the BDR Backup Server GUI.

Build Virtual Lab Environments

With the ability to boot the backed up Physical Windows Machines as VMs directly from backup storage, businesses can effectively build virtual lab environments that allows efficient provisioning of DEV/STG/Test environments on the fly

DR support for Microsoft Windows Backup

Offsite Copy

Replicate a copy of the backup data to an offsite location i.e. a remote office/branch office datacenter to ensure extended data protection at times of unexpected disasters using Vembu Offsite DR server.

Bandwidth throttling of network to limit its traffic during work hours
Seed large amount of backup data to offsite locations to save bandwidth and time

Cloud DR

Experience the power of Cloud by replicating a copy of business-critical data from Windows machine to Vembu Cloud, in order to access the data from almost anywhere. This Vembu Cloud resides in Amazon Web Services.

Granularly restore the backup data from anywhere at any time
Control replicating the secondary copy of data at work hours through Offsite Replication Window

Replication to Hybrid Cloud

Vembu BDR Suite allows you to replicate a copy of the backed up Windows machine to your own cloud storage that relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by creating respective gateways through Offsite DR Server.

Native Tape Backup

Vembu offers Native tape backup support at both the primary and secondary location to archive Windows Server/Workstation backup for a longer period of time at a lower cost compared to other competitors in the market.

Efficient and cost-effective long-term archival of data
Helps to meet the best practice of 3-2-1 backup strategy

You’ll certainly want to check out BDRSuite for Microsoft Windows Server!

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