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Are you a small to medium sized business with a small VMware footprint and you have business-critical server on VMware vSphere? Do you have a home-lab environment and you’re looking for a way to backup your lab VMs? Then check out BDRSuite Free edition for VMware. You can use this completely free for up to 10 VMs!

VMware Backup & Replication – Feature Highlights

Agentless VM BackupBackup Proxy
ESXi BackupVM Backup to Cloud
vCenter BackupCreate Backup using Template
Backup Storage TargetsInstant VM Boot
RTO / RPO < 15 minsNetwork Mapping
VM/Disk ExclusionRE IP Mapping
Application-aware ProcessingVM Failover
VMware QuiescingVM Failback
Flexible Backup SchedulingBasic Retention
Synthetic Full BackupBackup Data Encryption

Why Choose Free Backup for VMware?

Many small and medium sized businesses are running their business-critical servers on VMware vSphere environments for better resource utilization, easier manageability, minimal downtime, and cost savings. Though VMware has inbuilt snapshot functionality for the VMs, it is neither a complete nor a consistent method of backing up the business-critical virtual machines with restore points spanning for months or years. Vembu BDR Suite offers a free backup solution that delivers a powerful, flexible, and agile data protection for VMware virtual machines at zero cost.

Key Features of Free VMware Backup

Agentless VM Backup – Configure image-level backups for VMware vSphere VMs running on ESXi host or vCenter Server without installing any agent inside VMs using VMware vStorage APIs.

vCenter Level Backup – Configure backups for VMs at the ESXi or vCenter level. When configuring backup at the vCenter level, the VM will be backed up seamlessly even if it moves from one host to another.

Backup Multiple VMs – Backup multiple VMs irrespective of size, type, application, data, and operating systems in a single backup job.

Automatic Backup Scheduling – Automate the backups of VMware VMs by scheduling the backups flexibly on an hourly/daily/weekly basis.

Application-Aware Image Backup – Ensure the consistency of the application & its database with application-aware processing or the VMs running on your ESXi host or vCenter server

Log Truncation – Automatically truncate the transaction logs for Microsoft Exchange & SQL database running in the VMs to save storage space.

Instant Boot VM – Instantly recover the backup data as a VM directly from the backup data on VMware, Hyper-V and KVM environments to ensure business continuity.

Full VM Recovery – Permanently restore the backed up data of VMware VMs to the same or different ESXi host or vCenter server after any disaster.

Instant File-Level Recovery – Granularly restore the files and folders of the backup VMs directly from the UI of the backup server console without restoring an entire virtual machine.

Application Granular Recovery – Recover application items from Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, and SharePoint directly from the backed up data.

Disk Mount – Mount the backup data of the VM on the disk management service of the backup server machine and access the backup data through file explorer

VM Disk Download – Download the backup data of the VMs in various virtual disk formats like VHD, VHDX, VMDK, VMDK-FLAT and IMG.

Cross-Platform Migration – Easily migrate the VMware VM to other hypervisors like Hyper-V or KVM with minimal downtime without using any external tools

Efficient Storage Management – Enhance the performance and scalability of the storage targets with VembuHIVE. It has built-in compression, encryption, version control, and built-in error correction.

Scale-out Repositories – Increase the storage capacity of the backup repository at any time without affecting the existing VM backup jobs.

Get more info on Free VMware Backup Software from BDRSuite and get started with the Free Edition by clicking HERE!

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