Achievement Unlocked – Turbonomic ACE Master Cloud!

Turbonomic has 3 different certifications.

  • Turbonomic ACE Certification enables you to leverage Turbonomic to its fullest potential. ACE Certification is a pre-requisite for all other Turbonomic certifications.
  • ACE Professional Certification takes you “under the covers” of the Turbonomic platform to deepen your understanding of such topics as Hypervisor Nuances, Turbonomic internals, Control features, and such advanced topics as Mediation, Integrations, and Turbonomic 7.
  • ACE Master Cloud Certification takes you in-depth into how Turbonomic manages various cloud and container technologies. It includes cloud features, Turbonomic on AWS and Azure, ARM with Cloud workloads, and Containers / Kubernetes on Turbonomic.

I passed the ACE Certification on 8/16/2019, a little over 1 month after starting to work at Turbonomic. As I used Turbonomic at a customer before joining, I found parts of it easier than others.

A little over one month later, I took the ACE Professional class. However, due to scheduling issues, I wasn’t able to take the exam with the rest of the class. However, I took the exam in our White Plains office the following Tuesday. I received an email on 10/1/2019 stating that I passed the exam WITH HONORS! This means I received a 90% or higher on one of the two exams (a practical & a multiple choice).

Last week (2/4 & 2/5), I traveled to White Plains and attended the ACE Master Cloud class. This class was tough as I don’t have a lot of cloud experience. I got some AWS experience working at the Associated Press, but I had 0 Azure experience. I learned a lot about both cloud providers, as well as about Containers. Today (2/11/2020), I received an email that I passed the ACE Master Cloud Exam, again WITH HONORS!

I now have the Trifecta of Turbonomic certifications!

Want to learn more about Turbonomic classes & certifications? Visit the URL below!

Ben Liebowitz, ACE Pro, VCP, vExpert
NJ VMUG Leader

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