ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Turbonomic ACE Certification

As you may have seen, I changed jobs in July and now work for Turbonomic. Last week, I had the pleasure to go through Turbonomic ACE Training. I got to learn about how Turbonomic uses a Market Abstraction to optimize performance, while delivering efficiency, and maintaining compliance.

At the end of the 2 day training, I took the ACE Certification exam. The exam consisted of a practical, hands on exam asking to perform actual tasks inside of Turbonomic, creating policies, plans, changing settings, etc. Then, there was a written exam.

Each piece has 90 minutes to complete. I completed the practical exam in 35 minutes. I was pretty sure that I only got 1 question wrong. After speaking with one of the instructors, I confirmed that I indeed got it wrong. 🙂

Unfortunately, they do not tell you what you scored on each portion. The test is only a PASS/FAIL exam.

I am proud to say that, I passed the exam and can add another certification to my resume!


Ben Liebowitz, ACE, VCP, vExpert
NJ VMUG Leader

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