PowerCLI Script to list VMs not specifically set to Thick Eager Zeroed

First, I’ll start with a little back story.

We recently deployed an EMC XTremIO All-Flash storage appliance.   The recommendation we got from EMC, for the best deduplication ratios, was to use the Thick-Eager Zeroed disk format.  No matter how many times I tell my coworkers to make sure to use this format when deploying VMs to the xTremIO LUNs, once in a while, someone does forgets and deploys a THIN provisioined VM.

Also, we found that when performing P2Vs using the VMware Standalone Converter, when you choose the THICK disk format, it does the P2V and uses the Thick-Lazy Zeroed format.

To prepare for the script, I use folders in the Datastores & Datastore Clusters Inventory View.  I have a parent folder for each SAN, and may have sub folders for datastores dedicated to certain functions, say Microsoft Exchange, etc.  I also put all the LOCAL drives into a folder as well. 

You could very easily modify the script below to modify the script to show anything not THIN provisioned by changing “EagerZeroedThick” to “Thin”.

Here is the script:

Connect-viserver VCENTER_NAME

get-folder -name SAN_NAME |
Get-VM |
Get-HardDisk |
where {$_.StorageFormat -ne "EagerZeroedThick"} |
select Parent,StorageFormat,Filename |
export-csv c:\VMware\diskformat.csv -notypeinformation -useculture
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