KVM Backup Software – Backup and Protect KVM Virtual Machines with BDRSuite

Are you looking into alternate options based on the changes Broadcom is making to the VMware products? Did you setup an environment running the KVM Hypervisor? Well, BDRSuite can backup this environment for you!

  • Backup your KVM Virtual Machines without requiring an agent!
  • BDRSuite supports Changed Block Tracking of KVM VMs.
  • There are multiple retention options for your VM Backup Data.
  • Store backups on local disk, NAS, SAN, Tape, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, Wasabi, etc.
  • Many recovery options, including instant boot VM, file recovery, etc.
  • Scheduled and automated backups
  • BDRSuite supports end-to-end encryption and compression.
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting.

What is KVM Backup?

The process of making copies or snapshots of virtual machines (VMs) that are operating on KVM-based virtualization platforms is referred to as KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) backup. KVM Backup Solutions, such as BDRSuite, allow you to store backup data locally or in the cloud, facilitate automated backup creation of KVM virtual machines, and provide various options for restore, including instantaneous recovery and granular recovery.

Compare the some of the options for KVM Backup Solutions

Backup ApproachKVM VMs using Native Agentless BackupRHV-Specific – Requires RHV Manager for backup OperationsAgent-Based Backup
Platform CompatibilitySupports KVM Hosts on:
• Debian
• Ubuntu
• CentOS
• AlmaLinux
Supported Versions:
• QEMU 4.2.0 & above
• Libvirt 6.0.0 & above
RHV (Red Hat Virtualization) PlatformWhatever Platforms the Agent supports
Incremental BackupsYesYesYes
Recovery OptionsComplete VM, File, and Volume options are available.Comprehensive Recovery including Full VM, and Granular RecoveryComplete System Recovery
Centralized ManagementConfigure and Manage backups with the Centralized ConsoleThrough Veeam Backup and Replication ConsoleThrough Acronis Cyber Cloud Console
Ease of UseEasy Setup with a User-Friendly InterfaceIntuitive Interface but expertise may be needed for advanced featuresGenerally User-Friendly but may require expertise for advanced features
Cost-EffectivenessVarious Licensing Options. Cost-Effective starting at $1.80/VM per monthExpensiveExpensive

KVM Backup Solutions

Backup KVM VMs to Local Storage

  • Agentless image level backups can be configured with BDRSuite, and backup data can be stored locally on physical disks, NAS, or SAN devices.

Backup KVM VMs to Public Cloud (Object Storage)

  • Back up your KVM virtual machine, then store the backup data on object storage like Wasabi, MinIO, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, and Amazon S3.
  • You can take advantage of cloud storage’s scalability and affordability with BDRSuite.

How KVM Backup Works

BDRSuite uses its native capabilities for KVM backup and offers a smooth integration with the KVM hypervisor. To guarantee data integrity, BDRSuite starts the process of taking consistent snapshots or backups of KVM virtual machines. After that, these snapshots are safely moved to the backup repository using compression to maximize storage and encryption to ensure safe data transfer. To guarantee business continuity, BDRSuite provides multiple restore options, retention policies, and automated scheduling. This method gives businesses a reliable and easy-to-use way to protect their KVM-based virtualized environments.

How to Backup KVM Virtual Machines

Get BDRSuite here: Install BDRSuite Backup Server after downloading it.
Incorporate KVM Hypervisor into Data Sources: In BDRSuite, add the KVM hosts that you wish to backup data from as Data Sources.
Set up a backup storage system: Backup data may be kept on NAS, SAN, S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, and S3-compatible storage devices like Backblaze, Wasabi, and MinIO.
Set up the backup job:

Decide which virtual machines to backup.
Schedule backups for a set time each day.
Set up the encryption and retention settings.
Save and Run the Backup Job: The backup will begin operating on the scheduled time.
Restore KVM Backups: When necessary, you can restore the backed-up data in its entirety or in more manageable chunks, like individual files or folders.

Free KVM Backup

  • Cost-Free KVM Backup
    • Users can protect up to 10 KVM virtual machines for free with BDRSuite’s free KVM backup solution.
  • Complete Data Protection
    • Get Agentless image-level backups of KVM VMs with BDRSuite.
  • Instant Recovery and Enhanced Security
    • With BDRSuite’s free KVM backup software, you can quickly restore lost data and strengthen security, helping to stop data breaches and guarantee a quick system recovery.

KVM Backup Solution FAQ

What is the difference between a backup and a snapshot of a KVM VM?

In KVM, snapshots save a virtual machine’s (VM) memory and disk contents for future rollbacks. They also record the VM’s current state at a particular moment in time. Snapshots aren’t appropriate for long-term data security, though.
Conversely, BDRSuite makes thorough backups easier by encapsulating all of the virtual machine’s state and information, enabling dependable recovery in the event of data loss or system failure.
Setting up storage repository targets, adding the KVM host, specifying backup frequency and retention, and offering a centralized dashboard for notifications and monitoring are all part of the BDRSuite backup process. BDRSuite backups, in contrast to snapshots, guarantee the longevity and security of VM data.

Get more information and get started with KVM Backup with BDRSuite today!

For more information on BDRSuite 7.0.0, check out the resources below.
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Release Notes: For a detailed breakdown of what’s new in this release, please check out our Release Notes.
Release Blog: To gain insights into the features and benefits of BDRSuite v7.0, take a look at our official Release Blog.

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Visit BDRCloud.com to get started with Cloud Backups with Vembu!

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