Ensure Data Integrity with Windows Server Backup from BDRSuite

With today’s fast-paced life, you want to ensure the integrity and security of your data! BDRSuite utilizes Windows Image Backup, by creating a complete system or disk image backup for Windows Servers & Workstations, fortifying against data loss, system crashes, or other catastrophic events. BDRSuite is a comprehensive and cost-effective tool to safeguard your Windows Environments.

Comprehensive Disk Image Backup

BDRSuite’s Windows Backup Software is a robust tool, capturing the entire disk or individual partitions. This detailed approach protects your critical data including files, settings, system files, and configurations. Utilizing Microsoft VSS technology, it prioritizes data integrity with application-aware backups, important for maintaining consistency with applications like Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, etc.

Unique Data Security Measures

BDRSuite understands that Security of your data is of paramount! BDRSuite Windows Image Backup employs AES 256-bit encryption algorithms, securing data storage and transmission, along with their proprietary file system, VembuHIVE, your data remains safe, stored in encrypted chunks that is not accessible without the BDRSuite platform.

Integrity through Automated Verification

Your backups are validated through an automated verification process encompassing everything from boot tests, mount tests, and data integrity tests. In the event a recovery is needed, you can rest assured that your backups are intact, allowing for quick restoration of your data with minimal downtime.

Flexible Recovery Options

BDRSuite ensures swift recovery with options including Bare Metal Recovery (BMR), instant booting of physical machines as virtual machines, file-level recovery, and granular recovery of Microsoft application data from Active Directory, Exchange, etc. These flexible recovery options offer Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) of less than 15 minutes.

Elastic Storage & Compliance Management

You have several storage options with BDRSuite. Everything from backups being stored locally, on NAS, SAN, or with leading cloud providers like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and S3 compatible storage such as Wasabi and MinIO. In addition, BDRSuite provides flexible retention policies, following regulations like GDPR and PCI-DSS.

Efficient Management & Performance

BDRSuite utilizes a centralized console for configuration, monitoring, and management of your Windows Backups. In case of interruptions, it picks up where it left off, there by optimizing your backups. It also implements multi-host backup support, and parallel disk processing giving your enhanced performance.

Options to Backup to Cloud and Tape

Is your organization looking to store a copy of your data off-site? BDRSuite offers cloud backup solutions to replicate your data to BDRCloud and also supports native tape backup options as well. These options will help you stick to the 3-2-1-1-0 rule!

  • You should have 3 copies of your data (including your production copy).
  • Your data should be stored on 2 differed forms of media (for example: cloud storage, tape backup, etc).
  • At least 1 copy should be stored off-site, incase of some sort of disaster.
  • At least 1 copy of your data should be IMMUTABLE and/or stored off-line.
    • Immutable means the data cannot be modified in any way.)
  • Finally, your backup jobs complete with 0 errors

How Does It Work?

BDRSuite uses Microsoft VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) technology, creating consistent snapshots of your ENTIRE Windows server/workstation, or specific disks/partitions. These backups, starting with a full backup followed by incremental backups usage Changed Block Tracking (CBT), ensuring effective and efficient backup procedures.


When it comes to data protection, BDRSuite’s Windows Server Backup stands tall with it’s comprehensive suite of features, ensuring security, data integrity, and swift recovery. It’s sophisticated approach, with robust security measures, streamlined management, and flexible recovery options, secures it’s position as an essential solution for Windows Image Backups.

Check out the list of many other features and get started with Windows Backup from BDRSuite today!

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