EMC Elect 2016 – Thank you!

Today I was officially named as an EMC Elect 2016, my 2nd year in a row and 3rd overall year in the program.  To say I’m honored and thrilled is an understatement!

A while back I remember Duncan Epping saying something on Twitter similar to, “Everyone at VMware should be a vExpert.”  I’m paraphrasing but his sentiment is clear – if you work for a company, you shouldn’t need an award to incentivize you to evangelize that company’s products.  He’s absolutely right and I completely agree with him.  I would evangelize EMC’s products regardless of whether or not there was an EMC Elect award and I’ll continue to do so if I’m not an Elect.  The award is simply icing on the cake for doing something I already believe in.

Winning the award has special meaning to me for two reasons.

1) If you’re judged by the company that you keep, then I am certainly in very select company.  The people on the list who are my fellow EMC Elect winners for 2016 have my utmost respect, and to be named in the same list as them is very humbling.  I truly mean that.

2) I believe in what we’re doing at EMC.  I believe that our Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution is an amazing combination of technology (hardware/software) and services from EMC Global Services (where I work).  I work everyday to improve our professional services to make delivery smoother and make our people better which leads to happier customers and better projects.  The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud by itself is a great piece of technology and checks the boxes for many customers, but our services (and those of our great EMC partners) are what ultimately brings it home for our customers.  I believe and fully support both, and being awarded for doing that makes it feel much sweeter.

Thank you to the whole EMC Elect team and I’m looking forward to another great year in the program!

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