Azure VM Backup & Recovery with BDRSuite

Do you have Virtual Machines in the Azure Cloud? Did you know that you could back them up with BDRSuite? BDRSuite offered a comprehensive backup solution for Azure VMs. This allows you to select the best backup strategy that fits your environment’s needs.

There are two options when it comes to backing up your Azure VM environment.

Option 1: Agentless Backup using Azure Native APIs.

BDRSuite utilizes Azure’s Native APIs and snapshot capabilities to create copies of your azure VMs for backup. This offers scalability and flexibility, allowing data to be stored locally, or utilizing cloud storage.

Key Features of Utilizing the Azure Native APIs:

  • Application-Aware Support via Agentless VM Backup.
  • Multiple VM Restore Options: Entire VM, Individual File Recovery, Etc.
  • Snapshot and Backup Data Retention.
  • Options to store backup data on Local Disk, NAS, SAN, or Cloud Storage (Azure Blob, S3, Google Cloud, Wasabi, etc).

Option 2: Automated Snapshots with Azure Cloud

Leverage automated snapshots via BDRSuite to backup your Azure VMs. This method allows for quick VM Recovery or Volume Recovery in case of data loss, system failure, etc.

Key Features of Automated Snapshots with Azure Cloud:

  • Automate & schedule snapshots for Azure VM Backup.
  • Pre/Post Scripts for Application-Aware processing.
  • Storage Snapshots within the same Region.
  • Restore as entire Azure VM, or choose to restore specific Volumes.

Azure VM Backup Features

Agentless VM Backup

  • Without requiring extra agents on the VMs, BDRSuite easily backs up and secures your Azure virtual machines using native APIs from Azure.

Application-Aware Backups

  • BDRSuite uses Microsoft’s VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) technology for Windows virtual machines to guarantee application-consistent backups.
  • Pre/Post scripts can be tailored to achieve app-consistent backup on Linux virtual machines.

Flexible Storage Options

  • With the vast array of storage options that BDRSuite offers, you can store the backup data from your Azure virtual machine on a local drive, NAS, SAN, S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, Wasabi, and more.

Supports Managed and Unmanaged Disks

  • With Azure virtual machines, BDRSuite facilitates backup and restore of both managed and unmanaged disks.

Full & Incremental Backups

  • For Azure virtual machines, BDRSuite executes a full backup in the first instance, followed by incremental backups that only include the modified blocks since the last backup.

Scheduled & Automated Backups

  • Flexible scheduling options are available with BDRSuite, including hourly, daily, weekly, and every 15 minutes.
  • Regular backups can be scheduled to guarantee consistent protection for your Azure virtual machines.

Azure VM Recovery Features

Azure VM Recovery

  • A complete Azure virtual machine (VM) can be quickly restored using BDRSuite to any subscription or resource group that is available in your account.
  • For a smooth recovery, it also allows customizations like choosing the virtual network, VM name, and power on/off settings.

Volume Recovery

  • You have the freedom to access and restore particular volumes from backup with BDRSuite.

Cross Subscription Restore

  • You can restore the Azure virtual machines that you have backed up with BDRSuite to any subscription that is available to you within your account in the same region.

Download VMs & Disks

  • During VM migration, you can use BDRSuite to download backed-up virtual machines and disks in various virtual formats, including VHD, VHDX, VMDK, Flat-VMDK, and RAW.

File Recovery

  • BDRSuite offers the ability to use the Disk Mount option to mount the backup disk and quickly recover specific files or folders.

Management of Azure VM Backups

Snapshot Retention

  • During backup, BDRSuite takes images of Azure virtual machines.
  • The quantity of snapshots you wish to keep in your Azure account is up to you.

Centralized Management

  • With the help of BDRSuite’s centralized management console, you can effortlessly manage Azure backup recovery, keep an eye on backup status, and configure backups.

Retention for Azure VM Backups

  • In order to comply with regulatory requirements, store backups in storage targets for as long as necessary with flexible retention policies.

Reporting and Notifications

  • In-depth reporting and email alerts are provided by BDRSuite to keep you updated on the progress of your backup and recovery jobs.

Get started with Azure VM Backup from BDRSuite today!

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