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PowerCLI Script to list VMs not specifically set to Thick Eager Zeroed

First, I’ll start with a little back story. We recently deployed an EMC XTremIO All-Flash storage appliance.   The recommendation we got from EMC, for the best deduplication ratios, was to use the Thick-Eager Zeroed disk format.  No matter how many times I tell my coworkers to make sure to use this format when deploying VMs […]

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Deploying a VM with PowerCLI in a Semi-Complex Environment

The following is a guest blog post by my brother Ben Liebowitz.  I guess virtualization runs in the family!  Follow him on Twitter at @ben_liebowitz. ———————————————————————— Last year, while working at a previous employer, I wanted to make it easier for less-experienced team members to deploy VMs, while making sure little to no mistakes are […]

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