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Cloning Windows Server 2012 Domain Controllers on vSphere 5

Microsoft introduced a lot of virtualization awareness in Windows Server 2012, particularly for domain controllers.  They are, for the most part, considered virtualization “safeguards” in that they prevent against some of the classic problems of virtualizing domain controllers.  Historically things like virtual machine snapshots, restoring from virtual machine image backups, or cloning domain controllers was […]

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Microsoft responds to VMware performance benchmark report

VMware recently commissioned a study comparing performance between vSphere 5 and Hyper-V 2.0 SP1.  The study involves virtual machines running a database simulation workload with 24 VMs (without memory overcommit) and 30 VMs (with memory overcommit).  The results show that VMware vSphere outperforms Hyper-V in each scenario. The original performance report can be found here […]

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Storage DRS of Exchange 2010 Workloads

On September 15th, VMware released a new whitepaper entitled “Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Performance on vSphere 5.”  If you are interested in virtualizing Exchange 2010 (or really any mission critical application) I’d recommend giving it a read. One of the interesting things they’ve done in this test aside from scale up/scale out testing is to […]

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